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Bull City Olive Oil Co.

Cedar Stick Candles

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Hand-poured beeswax candles, cast from sticks, twigs and branches. Unique works of art!

These make a stunning display on the mantelpiece, a celebration or holiday table.


Q : How long do Stick Candles burn ?
A : Stick Candles burn about one inch per hour.
Our burn time estimates include a reasonable "useful life" buffer. We test burn candles continuously; especially since our production runs are so small.

Q : Are Stick Candles Dripless ?
A : Stick Candles are not Dripless. We pour 100% Natural Beeswax.  
No chemical additives are used to control the melting point of the wax. Our burn characteristics are developed by balancing each candle style with the correct wick, and finding the best path for the wick down the center of each cutting.

Because the thickness of the real sticks, twigs, and branches from which Stick Candles are cast varies, and the candles are organic forms, we recommend candlestick holders with a wide brim, or dish~style receptacle  that can catch falling wax.