Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a case/bulk discount?  Short answer- yes! Please use our contact form to get in touch before placing an order for more than 12 bottles so that we may best assist you!

Do you sell your products in any local shops? We began our journey as a specialty retail shop in 2016 in Brightleaf Square in Durham, NC (hence the name). After 6 years of brick and mortar we wanted to simplify life and now sell our entire catalog exclusively online here, on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

We offer a small selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars locally at Locopops Durham located at 2816 Hillsborough Rd Durham, NC 27705

Do you offer a bottle refill program? We are unable to accept empty bottles. Please recycle or reuse.

Do you offer pickup? Delivery? We are pleased to offer delivery in Orange County, NC (where we live). There is a $7 fee (non-refundable) for orders under $100 and free for orders $100 or more. Delivery option is located under the Shipping tab when checking out.

Pickups are available at LOCOPOPS DURHAM located at 2618 Hillsborough Rd Durham, NC 27705. Pickups are available on Tuesdays only between 2pm-pm. Please see our Shipping Policy for more detailed information

Can my order be held for later ship date? Due to limited staffing (just me!) and storage we are unable to offer a delayed shipping option at this time.

What is the shelf life of extra virgin olive oil? We recommend consumption of your extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO, should be  within 18 months of pressing. EVOO's begin to lose their notable health benefits and fresh taste after time. Discard if rancid tastes develop. Other oils should be consumed within a year of purchase. 

What affects the quality of olive oil? (1) Time: EVOO quality and benefits decrease over time (2) Light: Extended exposure to light (don't store in windowsill!) (3) Heat: The optimal storage temp is 60-72 degrees F. Don't store on or near stovetop (4) Oxygen: oxidation of oil occurs over time and deteriorates the oils quality. Always use an air-tight cap when storing.

Can I cook with extra virgin olive oil? Absolutely! EVOO is one of the best oils to cook with- fry, saute, poach, bake... Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 410 degrees F. The higher the phenol content the better the oil for cooking. See our Olive Oil/Butter conversion chart on home page for substitution amounts.

What is the shelf life of balsamic vinegar? Our balsamics have already been aged for at least 12 years. If stored correctly it has the possibility of having an almost limitless shelf life. However, infused balsamics will undergo some changes in character over time. White balsamisc will darken and the flavors will mellow. All the balsamics will get thicker over time and may get threads or particulates collecting on the bottom– oftimes referred to as the "mother". This is completely natural in a such a product and safe to eat. To avoid these aging qualities in your vinegar, use it within two years of purchase.

What is the difference between White and Dark balsamic vinegars? To be brief- "cooking time" and aging. White and Dark Balsamics are made utilizing the same grapes, the same method with the only difference being the amount of time they are aged and cooked. After harvest, the "must" (see "Glossary of Terms") is cooked. Dark Balsamics are "cooked" until a natural caramelization begins, White Balsamics for less time. White Balsamics are aged up to or no longer than 12 years. Dark Balsamics are aged up 18 years. The longer time in the barrel the darker the vinegar. We do not add any caramel or other coloring to any of our products.

Do you add any sugars, coloring or thickeners to your balsamic vinegars?No added sugar, caramel coloring or thickeners are added to our balsamic vinegars.

How do I store the products? Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our products. Each oil and vinegar should be stored out of direct light and away from heat- no windowsills or stovetops! We recommend a cupboard or pantry shelf, with an airtight seal (try our tapi spouts!) to prevent oxidation and accelerated spoilage. Refrigeration is unnecessary, but acceptable at or around 42 degrees. Olive oil is likely to solidify so please let come to room temp before using.

Where are your products made? Our balsamic vinegars are produced in Modena, Italy, the traditional birthplace of balsamic vinegar. The flavored vinegars are infused in our East Coast importers facility in Bethehelm, PA.

Our extra virgin olive oils are produced all over the world, in both Northern and Southern hemispheres including the countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Australia and the United States.


 For more information on our olive oils and balsamics, please refer to our "Glossary of Terms". For information on store policies, please see menu on Home Page.